Ethnos International INC an Introduction:


In October of 2014 Michael Williams resigned after 10 years as the Executive Pastor of “The House Modesto”, to pursue the call of God. He launched a non-profit for the nations called Ethnos International Inc. Ethnos International’s mission is to see every nation hear the gospel. Everywhere Michael goes, the gospel is preached and signs follow. He was saved reading a liberal book that happened to have a chapter about Jesus. He got a Bible, smoked marijuana, drank beer and read the Bible. Then, Jesus manifested in his bedroom. His testimony of salvation is like none other- a must hear! Michael is a consummate evangelist and speaks with a prophetic voice to revive the hearts of God’s people. With powerful gifts of healing and miracles his messages and ministry continue to transform lives wherever he goes. He and his wife, Kelli, live in Modesto, CA. They have been married for 10 years and have two children, Jotham and Zoe.


Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

“To make Jesus famous amongst the unreached ethnic people groups in the earth as we help the disadvantaged and spread revival in churches with a vision from heaven.”

Vision Statement :

To mobilize global assets and build strategic sending centers for radical evangelists. To capitalize on natural disaster with food, water, mobile medical resources and gospel festivals at one moment. To form synergistic alignment with those who are consistent with the global move of God for a One World Revival.

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